Herbs for weight loss are a standard subject of dialogue among women who are browsing menopause. Weight gain may be a real issue for several menopausal women. Changes in hormone levels can decrease energy, increase appetite, and contribute to water retention, all of which may cause excess weight, particularly centered round the mid-section.

There are many various potential methods for addressing this weight gain, among them herbs for menopause. Which herbs are best may be a matter of some debate, but there are a couple of that are generally believed to counter the symptoms of menopause and will be a positive factor in losing weight. As with any treatment plan, you ought to always consult your doctor before taking herbs or herbal supplements.

Among the herbs for weight loss most often mentioned are dandelion, chasteberry, black currant and black cohosh. All of these herbs have been used for years to ease a variety of symptoms related to menopause and each can also be beneficial when it comes to losing weight. They should be taken in moderation and you should pay heed to the potential side effects they may cause.

Dandelion is a well-known and documented diuretic. Women in Europe have used it for generations to treat urinary tract infections. It is also among the various herbs for menopause weight loss because it helps to regulate water weight gain without flushing important nutrients from the system at an equivalent time. Some people have experienced allergies to dandelion, so some caution should be applied.

Since hormone imbalance is such a central a part of menopause, the chasteberry is one among the foremost important herbs for weight loss because it directly affects hormone production. Chasteberry stimulates the assembly of progesterone, which may help to balance out the shortage of estrogen during menopause. By balancing hormone levels, you’ll improve appetite and increase energy, all of which can make it easier to stay to a weight loss regimen. As one of the many herbs for menopause treatment, black currant is effective on two separate counts. Not only can it help regulate water weight gain, it also contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are central to hormone production. By ensuring that you simply are becoming the right amount of those vital nutrients, you’ll help to ease side effects of hormone imbalance that cause weight gain.

Black cohosh has been one among the more controversial herbs for weight loss, but it’s proven to combat a number of the symptoms of menopause that cause weight gain. Things like depression, mood swings and fatigue could also be alleviated by taking black snakeroot , and easing these symptoms can cause increased energy and a lessened tendency to overeat.

Of course, herbs to try to to not provide a cure-all for any problem, including losing weight. The best method for losing weight at any stage of your life remains eating a diet and exercising.But during menopause, when it can be difficult for women to deal with the effects of hormonal changes, having a little natural boost may be just what the doctor ordered.

Source by Janice M Bowles


  1. Hi sir ! Sir i wanna ask one question plz help for me to loose weight is not difficult but to loose and train proper area is difficult my triceps are saggy and and biceps are short nd long headed what should i do for that???please help


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